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    Designer Beaded Handbags for Ladies

    Modish Port e create a handcrafted, colorful bags company. Which are meticulously curated to accompany one’s everyday lifestyle.

    During its history, Modish Port has been a leading Indian luxury fashion group whose designs have been daring, innovative and unusual. Due to these, they have been a favorite amongst the fashion aficionados and celebrities. The group has been known to create some of the most unique and stylish products around the world.


    With its reputation on Beaded Handbags offering by Modish Port has continued to improve its product designs and has emerged as a top handbag designer in the contemporary era. Have a look at the history of Modish Port handbags below.


    It was founded in 1918, by a vision of combining luxurious leather goods such as handbags with a means of hydration. Since then, leather goods that come from Modish Port have long-horned and beaded handbags, a status that first began in 1924.

    Modish Port began to appear in commercial Czech shops; then, in 1946, the Modish Port name became a brand itself.


    The logo of it is an angel standing holding a bow and a sword. This is thought to be the first image of the brand. In the decade that followed, it developed a handbag for babies. The Modish Port baby bag was a raffia beaded circle.


    In the 1950s, Modish Port began to sell vests for male gentlemen. In the world primary, Modish Port began to create promotional tie-in products such as a soft swallowed paper with drawings of subjects including Easter, Halloween and Valentine's Day. It was also the first fashion brand to use young ladies as models. Some of the more famous females who were models for Modish Port.


    Modish Port kept up its handbag designs with a ladies purse which had the shape of a hand, but functioned as a toiletry bag. It is well-known as Designer Handbags for Women ModishPort, I purchased this wonderful bag myself on a trip to India and paid a complimenting $100.

    Modish Port was in fact so anxious that it had the logo embossed on the dial of its clock, that people were calling it the Hourglass.


    Another noteworthy achievement during the 60 is the birth of the company's rare amethyst watch. It was featured in the hot fashion contour magazine, Seventeen, where crystal, leather, and silk are added in a binged out, eye-catching way. Watch enthusiasts went crazy over this watch.


    However, the demand was muted down the next year, as Modish Port went through some financial problems.

    Modish Port took on a new creative direction. It began to design furniture. However, in 1991, Modish Port began the Icon Project, which involved the decoration of vehicles and space with the use of space age motifs. It is also significant to note that this venture was led by a woman, clasping her toes tightly into boots designed with a gun derby theme.


    It turned the company into a luxury goods company by assembling and selling a variety of products within its own unique product niche. Modish Port has particularly been praised for its effort in coming out with compact car interiors. After a century of people stuffing their Beaded Handbags and Designer Crossbody bags into their toasty brown color with trending style bags, the idea of compact cars is actually considered revolutionary.


    Then just recently they were given another boost when they joined hands with BMW and skipping the luxury car culture of union-Employed car designers, and fashioned the world's first truly compact internal car design. Read More...!

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